How to Market Agricultural Inputs

There are several ways in which you can go about marketing agricultural inputs. If, for instance, you are introducing new brands of agricultural inputs into the market, these are the methods you’d use, in order to get farmers to embrace the new brands. These are still the methods you’d use, if you are dealing with old brands – like if, for instance, you are trying to regain lost market share, or trying to improve your market share.

Some of the specific ways in which you can go about marketing agricultural inputs include:

  1. Through mass media adverts: this is a strategy that entails putting ads promoting your agricultural input brands on radio and on TV.
  2. Through web-based ads: many farmers nowadays use the internet in their search for agriculture-related information. Therefore, if you craft web-based ads and have them specially targeted at such farmers, you may benefit immensely. Again, remember that it is not just the professional farmers you should be targeting. There are other folks, who practice agriculture as a hobby during their leisure time. You may find, for instance, someone who works as a chef at a Darden restaurant. Yet whenever the krowd darden schedule allows him, he dabbles in farming as a hobby. Now this person may go online at some point, seeking to learn how to sign up for krowd portal access. Then having gotten that information, he may decide to browse around other sites, looking for agriculture-related information (in line with his hobby). Now if you have well targeted online ads for your agricultural inputs, these are the sorts of farming enthusiasts you’d be in a position to reach.
  3. By networking with agricultural extension officers: so the objective here would be to get the agricultural extension officers to promote your agricultural input brands to the farmers they work with.
  4. By networking with the individual farmers: this will probably entail visiting individual farms, and trying to get the individual farmers to embrace the agricultural input brands you are selling.
  5. By holding roadshows/caravans: you can hold the roadshows/caravans in places where you are likely to meet farming communities, and try to get them to embrace the agricultural input brands you are selling.

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