How to Get Agricultural Internships

Like all other students, people who are undertaking agricultural studies are expected to go for internships. It is through the internships that they are able to see the practical application of the stuff they learn in class. Without going for internships, it is easy to end up with lots of theoretical knowledge, but with absolutely no practical skills whatsoever. Furthermore, some of the internships lead to employment after graduation. This means that students who don’t go for internships are at risk of missing out on certain employment prospects. That is critical, because a good number of people who work at certain organizations first gained entry as interns. Then, because they worked well as interns, they were hired as full-time employees after graduation. Given all these facts, then, a question arises as to what the agricultural students need to do, to get the agricultural internships. And in this regard, some of the open options include:

  1. By simply sending applications
  2. Through networking
  3. By directly visiting agricultural companies
  4. Through employment/internship agencies

The most important thing is for the students to have the right expectations, while searching for the internships. Many fail to understand that an intern is not at the same level as a full-time employee. If, for instance, you are interning at a company like PepsiCo, you shouldn’t expect to have access to all perks that are available to the full-time employees. You may not, for instance, qualify to be given the Mypepsico discounts. Although the full-time employees have access to such discounts, your status as an intern could keep you from accessing the same. You may also not be in a position to visit the Mypepsico employee login page, sign in, and access paychecks there. That is because you may find yourself having to settle for an unpaid internship. And even if you have to be paid, you may not get an actual paycheck, but rather, some sort of allowance or stipend – given your status as an intern.

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