“To promote and encourage the development and improvement of Agricultural Shows throughout Australia”

The Australian Council of Agricultural Societies Membership comprises the Royal Agricultural Societies of all States and Territories of Australia.

The Australian Council of Agricultural Societies (ACAS) works to assist agricultural societies to achieve more successful operation by increasing entries and attendance at their annual Show. ACAS is the peak body of the agricultural Show movement and represents the agriculture industry sector to the Australian government.

There are nearly six hundred agricultural Show societies across Australia and they comprise some of the longest continuously operating institutions in the Country. The first agricultural society was established for the protection of animals in Hobart Town in Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) in 1821.

Current estimates show that over five million people attend an agricultural Show each year. The Show is widely anticipated and is often the single largest regular annual event in its community. The historical records of agricultural societies chronicle the natural genetic progression and thus the success of the best animal breed herds in their community or region.

Most Shows incorporate a wide range of community and craft based activities and almost all provide a successful fund raising vehicle for local charities and community activity. Even the smallest agricultural Show will attract highly competitive competition entries and excited attendees.

The Australian Council of Agricultural Societies has links with the Show movement in each state and territory and thus every show in Australia. ACAS is also a constituent member of the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth.

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