5 Ways to Increase Agricultural Output Significantly

One of the questions that we, as agriculturalists, keep on being asked is the one on how agricultural output can be increased. If, as an agriculturist, you talk to any policymaker, you are sure to encounter that question at some point in the conversation. You therefore have to be prepared for the question. And it is a difficult question to answer, because the science of increasing agricultural output is deep and complicated. But so as to avoid being perceived as rude, you have to at least give a summary of what needs to be done, to increase agricultural output. And in that respect, I usually give a brief exposition on the 5 main ways in which agricultural output can be increased, namely:

  1. By putting more land under cultivation: it should be obvious that, all other factors being held constant, if we put more land under cultivation, we will increase agricultural output significantly.
  2. By using high quality agricultural inputs: if we use high quality inputs, we tend to get high quality (and quantity) output. The input determines the output — in agriculture and most other fields.
  3. By linking farmers to agricultural experts: the idea is to ensure that the farmers get all the advice they need to maximize their agricultural output.
  4. By investing in more sophisticated agricultural machines: more sophisticated agricultural machines make it possible for farmers to enhance their output without having to put in too much physical effort.
  5. By giving better subsidies to farmers: when all is said and done, it is the farmers who produce the food. The agriculturalists only give advice. But it is the farmers who implement the advice, to ensure optimum production. And for the farmers to be effective in the work, they need to be well facilitated, with adequate subsidies. Setting up a subsidy program shouldn’t be hard. Farmers can, for instance, be advised to visit the kpfprepaid registration page, and sign up for KPFPrepaid debit cards. Then the subsidy money can be loaded onto the cards: enabling the farmers to access it from any place, at any time. Ultimately, a subsidy program makes farmers to feel that they are well appreciated. That motivates them to put in their best efforts. The end result is increased agricultural output.

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